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It all started with

two kittens


Pip & Cricket is a one-of-a-kind paper company dedicated to hand-crafted original designs. The company is inspired by two fun-loving cats, Pip & Cricket. Kallie Goetz, the owner of all things Pip & Cricket (the brand and the kitties), has a passion for custom stationery, paper goods, and illustration and is inspired by the cat’s quirks, charm, and personality. Here we are, combining fun-loving, adorable designs, a great deal of elegance, and a few cat puns. Introducing Pip & Cricket — a stationery design studio. How purr-fect!


Our Story

In the summer of 2012, Kallie, the owner/designer, found Pip (the dark cat) & Cricket (the light grey cat) as two malnourished kittens in her parents’ backyard. They were about six weeks old and so friendly and lovable. At the time, Kallie was going through a challenging time. She was convinced these two kittens were sent to her for a reason — so she rescued them and helped them become healthy. As fall rolled around, Kallie took the cats to college with her to finish her two final years of design school.

Fast forward to 2018, after several years working full time as a graphic designer creating logos, branding, websites, and everything in between at a 9-5 job, all the while designing stationery products on the side, Kallie decided she needed a change. She followed her dream of owning a stationery and design studio. To Kallie, the name Pip & Cricket became associated with hope and happiness. That’s where the the name of the studio comes into play. Not only is it her cats, but the fun, quirky, hope, and happiness that they represent.

The team

Okay, okay, so currently the team is made up by one human and two cats, but we’re a team and we can’t function without each other.


Kallie Goetz


Hi there, I’m Kallie, the owner, designer, and cat-mom here at Pip & Cricket. You can usually find me in front of my laptop with a cat in my lap and a cup of coffee or tea that could be reheated. Other notable facts about me: I’ve been creating (painting, drawing, designing, crafting... you name it) ever since I was little. I'm married to a world-traveling cinematographer and he’s my best friend. While designing, I often listen to tv shows I’ve already seen at least twice, my fave re-runs are Parks & Rec, Friends, or New Girl. I enjoy organizing, traveling, planning, and making lists — and I love trying new things! Oh, and I’m obviously a crazy cat lady, I mean, I named my company after my two sweet, quirky fur babies!



V.P. (Voracious Purr-er)

If Pip could talk, this would totally be his intro:
“Hi there, I’m Pip Squeak. I’m shy, and only love attention on my own terms. I absolutely LOVE playing with pipe cleaners! Whenever I play with them, I meow so loud and parade throughout the house carrying them in my mouth. You can typically find me next to Mom’s plants, (nibbling on them when she’s not watching) or just looking out the window watching the birds.”



C.E.O. (Cat Excitement Organizer)

Bio as told by Cricket:
“Heyyyy, they call me Cricket Bug, or “Bug” for short. You could say I’m pretty fearless and I love being the center of attention. They say I’m the social butterfly of the family, because I’m always up in everyone’s business. My favorite time of the day is when I get canned food, but I also love trying to scheme ways to get outside. You can typically find me snuggled up next to Mom when she’s working, and trying to gain all of her attention.”